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from Ellis Park Stadium to China City (North 0 mins)

Ask anybody for help, China City is located within the Ellis Park complex.

China City

China City in Johannesburg, (Mail & Guardian, 2006-01-06):-China City, behind Ellis Park in Johannesburg, resembles a flea market, though the goods on sale are new. This sprawling maze of traders, selling low-priced and largely fashion-challenged clothes and shoes, as well as sunglasses, toys, leatherwear, electronic goods and food, is open seven days a week, shunting thousands of boxes of goods, mainly imported from China. At first glance, the economics of the centre is puzzling. On some weekdays, there are only a few customers. On weekends, cars and bakkies queue around the block to get in. An observer may well ask: “How many R5 belts can someone sell and still make a living?” The answer is volume. China City sells to small traders from all over the country, propping up the countrywide informal sector economy, and, equally important, it sells to traders in other African countries. This is the other side of the story that Chinese imports are destroying local jobs.


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